Let every American, every lover of liberty, every well wisher to his posterity, swear by the blood of the Revolution, never to violate in the least particular, the laws of the country; and never to tolerate their violation by others.

As the patriots of seventy-six did to the support of the Declaration of Independence, so to the support of the Constitution and Laws, let every American pledge his life, his property, and his sacred honor; let every man remember that to violate the law, is to trample on the blood of his father, and to tear the charter of his own, and his children's liberty.

Let reverence for the laws, be breathed by every American mother, to the lisping babe, that prattles on her lap; let it be taught in schools, in seminaries, and in colleges; let it be written in Primers, spelling books, and in Almanacs; let it be preached from the pulpit, proclaimed in legislative halls, and enforced in courts of justice. And, in short, let it become the political religion of the nation; and Let the old and the young, the rich and the poor, the grave and the gay, of all sexes and tongues, and colors and conditions, sacrifice unceasingly upon its altars.

While ever a state of feeling, such as this, shall universally, or even, very generally prevail throughout the nation, vain will be every effort, and fruitless every attempt, to subvert our national freedom.

- Abraham Lincoln, January 27, 1838
  Address Before the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Obstruction of Justice

American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source
obstruction of justice

n. The criminal offense, under common law and according to the statutes of many jurisdictions, of obstructing the administration and due process of law.
Are you just a little fed up with Rove and his blatant disdain for the American judicial system? I'm referring to the existing system as designed by the founders of our country - when it works - and not Rove's version of 'justice' that he was attempting to create when he hijacked it for partisan gain.

The latest from the White House, where the usual defense has been 'I can't remember that,' is the admission that possibly thousands of private emails - emails that legally should have gone through official channels in accordance with the Presidential Records Act - are now 'lost'. Even in this day when virtually ANY email can be extracted from any hard drive, and somehow the NSA is able to keep tabs on the entire population of our country and track all of our email correspondences - and keep copies of them - we are to believe that Karl's official emails are off limits to Congress and to the people.



Ironically, these emails are the ones that shed light on what really happened during the firing of eight prosecutors who wouldn't operate under GOP partisan lockstep. How convenient, Karl! I can see your puffy, smirking face -- you're laughing at them, aren't you? Laughing at Waxman and all of Congress. "Can't touch me!"

We'll see about that.

Washington - The White House said Wednesday that it may have lost what could amount to thousands of messages sent through a private e-mail system used by political guru Karl Rove and at least 50 other top officials, an admission that stirred anger and dismay among congressional investigators.

The e-mails were considered potentially crucial evidence in congressional inquiries launched by Democrats into the role partisan politics may have played in such policy decisions as the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.
Mr Waxman, I think a little jail time is in order at this point. Its amazing the things people suddenly 'remember' when they find themselves sharing a jail cell with Bubba. Can you imagine Rove in jail? Don't you think its time we finally made that rosy daydream a reality?

Since 2001, about 50 staffers e-mailed using the system, he said. One former White House staffer told National Journal recently that Rove uses his RNC e-mail account for 95% of his e-mail communications.

He's laughing at you Waxman. He's laughing at all of us. He's been laughing his entire life, and he is quite sure he is above the law, and so very cynically smart that he will get away with it.

How long are you going to let this guy make a mockery of our legal system? He's a criminal. We all know it. We managed to lock Capone up on tax evasion -- I think we can handle Karl... if you have the will.

God knows the American people are about 5 years past ready to see this man in handcuffs. Just ask Valarie Plame - and the other undercover CIA agents he compromised.

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