Let every American, every lover of liberty, every well wisher to his posterity, swear by the blood of the Revolution, never to violate in the least particular, the laws of the country; and never to tolerate their violation by others.

As the patriots of seventy-six did to the support of the Declaration of Independence, so to the support of the Constitution and Laws, let every American pledge his life, his property, and his sacred honor; let every man remember that to violate the law, is to trample on the blood of his father, and to tear the charter of his own, and his children's liberty.

Let reverence for the laws, be breathed by every American mother, to the lisping babe, that prattles on her lap; let it be taught in schools, in seminaries, and in colleges; let it be written in Primers, spelling books, and in Almanacs; let it be preached from the pulpit, proclaimed in legislative halls, and enforced in courts of justice. And, in short, let it become the political religion of the nation; and Let the old and the young, the rich and the poor, the grave and the gay, of all sexes and tongues, and colors and conditions, sacrifice unceasingly upon its altars.

While ever a state of feeling, such as this, shall universally, or even, very generally prevail throughout the nation, vain will be every effort, and fruitless every attempt, to subvert our national freedom.

- Abraham Lincoln, January 27, 1838
  Address Before the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Death by peanut butter

Yes, the latest poisoned food outbreak has been traced to peanuts. Yes, people are dying.

This time the poison didn't originate in China; but this is one more example of what the dismantling of government oversight (i.e. our FDA) under the Bush Administration has done for America. It has made us, our kids, and our animals sick... over and over again. Sometimes it has killed us.

And for what? So that corporations can save a few bucks by avoiding a lot of expensive (and formerly mandated) safety reviews.

Our FDA was still there under the Bush Administration, but only a shell of its former self... with Bushies in high places 'looking busy,' curtailing any 'invasive' oversight, and making corporate donors very happy.

Very nice for the corporations. Very bad for consumers.

I hope Mr. Bush doesn't like a nice PB&J when he's out clearing brush.

With nearly 500 confirmed cases of salmonella across the country -- six of which occurred in Indiana -- the Food and Drug Administration has created a Web site that lists products containing potentially contaminated peanut butter.

The site, which includes pet food, can be found at http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/peanutbutterrecall/ and will be updated on a regular basis.

All of the products are associated with a recall of peanut butter made by the Peanut Corporation of America.

Since September, at least 491 people in 43 states have developed salmonella after eating contaminated products. The bacteria may have caused seven deaths.

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